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Dira La Biashara App- By iGrand Business Review

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Dira La Biashara is a mobile app designed to provide users with a streamlined and engaging experience for reading business news. The app aims to cater to business professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals interested in staying updated on the latest business trends, market insights, and financial news. The goal of the project was to create an intuitive and user-centric mobile app that offers a seamless news consumption experience.

Duration: 3 Months
Role: UX Designer
Team: 1 UX Designer, 2 Developers


Research Phase

User Research

Methodology: A combination of surveys, interviews, and competitive analysis was conducted to gather insights about users’ preferences, habits, and pain points when consuming business news on mobile devices.


Key Findings:
– Users preferred concise and well-structured news articles.
– Mobile users tend to skim through headlines before diving into articles.
– Personalization and customization were important features for tailoring news content.
– Users expressed frustration with intrusive ads and slow-loading articles on existing news apps.


Competitive Analysis

A comprehensive analysis of existing business news apps was performed to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Notable apps included Bloomberg, CNBC, and Financial Times.


Key Insights:

  • Most apps offered a cluttered user interface, potentially overwhelming users.
  • Personalization features were limited in many apps.
  • Advertisements were present in various forms, impacting the reading experience.

Design Phase

Ideation and Wireframing

Based on the research insights, a series of wireframes were created to outline the app’s structure and user flow. The main focus was on simplicity, readability, and personalization.


Key Features:
Personalized News Feed: Users can choose their preferred industries and topics to receive tailored news.
– Headline View: Users can quickly skim through headlines before deciding to read full articles.
– Clean Article Layout: Articles are presented in a clean and easily readable format.
– Bookmark and Save: Users can bookmark articles for later reading.



Using the wireframes as a foundation, interactive prototypes were developed using tools like Figma. The prototypes allowed for usability testing and provided a tangible representation of the app’s functionality.


Usability Testing:
Several rounds of usability testing were conducted with potential users. Feedback from testers was used to refine the user interface, improve navigation, and enhance overall user experience.


Development Phase

User Interface Design

Once the prototypes were refined, the final user interface design was created. A modern and minimalist visual style was chosen, focusing on legibility and clarity.

Color Palette: A combination of muted blues and whites was used to convey professionalism and readability.

Typography: A clear and easy-to-read typeface was selected for both headlines and article content.


Technical Implementation

The app was developed for  only Android platforms. The development process involved creating a responsive design, integrating backend systems for fetching news content, implementing personalization algorithms, and ensuring smooth performance.


Testing Phase

Beta Testing

A beta version of Dira La Biashara was released to a select group of users for further testing. Feedback was collected through in-app feedback forms and direct communication channels.


Key Feedback:
– Loading times were generally fast and consistent.
– Users appreciated the personalized news feed, finding relevant articles quickly.
– A few users encountered minor navigation issues in the bookmarking feature.


Launch and Beyond

App Launch

After addressing the feedback and making necessary improvements, Dira La Biashara was officially launched on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


Continuous Improvement

To ensure the app’s ongoing success, a plan was put in place for continuous improvement:
– Regularly update news sources and content to provide fresh and relevant articles.
– Monitor user feedback and analytics to identify any usability issues or performance bottlenecks.
– Explore the possibility of adding new features based on user demands, such as audio summaries or integration with stock market data.



The Dira La Biashara project successfully resulted in the creation of a user-centered mobile app that provides business professionals and enthusiasts with a seamless and personalized experience for consuming business news. Through meticulous research, thoughtful design, and iterative development, the app achieved its goal of delivering relevant and well-organized news content while maintaining a clean and engaging user interface. The continuous improvement plan ensures that the app remains valuable and user-friendly in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile news consumption.

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